Spray Tans For Men

 TJBodyRocks is now offering Spray Tans for Men

We use Nouvatan solutions, which we believe give the best, natural looking colour

.A little bit about the history of tanning….Back in the 50’s & 60’s – for those of us who can remember… The only tanning products we ever used were Oils & Calamine Lotion! Pretty Simple….Hugely unsafe. We would cover our bodies in cooking oil and lay in the sun for hours on end. We would lay there, sizzling like bacon rashers on a grill plate! You would then burn yourself to a crisp, easing the pain with copious amounts of Calamine Lotion. We peel and shed our skin like a reptile,complaining that the lovely colour we spent days getting has gone. Spray Tans for Men were unheard of.

During the 70’s & 80’s – suddenly out of nowhere, we saw tanning develop into a vast industry of tanning lotions, sunscreens, moisturising lotions, sun beds , false tan creams and of course – more hot sunbaked holidays. Getting a dark tan was the prime objective of the Summer holiday, burning ourselves in the process. As the years have gone by, with the help of media, we came to realise that too much sun on our skin was not good for our health.

The more responsible of us, started investing in high factor suncreams. when planning a holiday in the sun. We would often try to avoid the  mid day sun, finding other things to do during these hours. The risks to our long term health began to take the fun out of the sun , for all but the most ardent sun seekers.

Without doubt – a suntan makes us feel happier, thinner, healthier and more attractive and confident in our outlookVery quickly, the beauty industry geared itself up to meet our demands . Sun tanning salons sprung up across the globe, creating a thriving business. It was now possible to have an ‘All year round” tan. For many, weekly or even thrice weekly visits to the sunbed salon became a regular occurence. Studies started to show that prolonged exposure to UV light had serious consequences to our health.

Links were found to many cases of skin cancer. So, another source of looking tanned, radiant & super confident in our skin was needed to replace one of our favourite pastimes and obsessions. Something to give us the same appearance, without the ageing effect of the sun. Also more importantly, something that isn’t carcinogenic.

Cue the (not so) wonderful self tanning creams and lotions that promised to give our skin that glowing sun kissed look, without the harmful effects of the sun/tanning beds. Instantly the industry grew to massive proportions, and the health risks were eliminated. We could, in an instant achieve a tan on any part of the body, and at any time of year. However, there was a big downside to this new phenomena – the results were often streaky, and developed on the skin in various shades of orange! Not to mention the horrid smell that would linger for days on end. A cream tan typically only lasted a few days, so it took a real determined effort to maintain any colour.

You would often see fake tanners with bright orange palms, and soles of feet due to the application techniques. Bright orange knees and ankles were the tell tale signs of this new generation of modern day sun seekers. Spray tans for men were not considered “manly”.

In conclusion

Despite the dangers and difficulties in obtaining a decent tan – the drive to achieve this is here to stay, and there will ALWAYS be a place for new, risk free developments.

Spray Tans for men achieves all of this – but with one rather significant advantage over the rest so far. It provides a safe, natural looking streak free tan. It is very important to follow the pre & post spray tan requirements given to you by your therapist.

A spray tan offers NO SUN PROTECTION – High factor sunscreen is extremely important  

A spray tan works on the dead skin cells in top layer of your skin only –  “The Horny Layer” or ” The Stratum Corneum”. We shed skin cells on a daily basis, and that is why natural tans fade. New cells work their way to the surface of th skin, replacing the older cells.  This is no different to a Spray Tan…. as the cells shed, the spray tan fades too.

Heres the Chemistry bit (simplified)

A spray tan doesn’t stain the body brown – it isn’t a paint. The active ingredient in any Spray Tan solution is something called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). This DHA reacts with the Amino Acids in the upper epidermis of the skin,which we shed daily. The DHA starts to work within a few hours of being applied to the skin, continuing for up to a further 12 hours. Just like cutting an apple open,leaving it exposed to the air.  It will start to turn brown – known as the Maillard reaction.

DHA’s have been used in excess of 30 years, with no ill effects being reported. It is basically a sugar compound. Most Spray Tan solutions also have a bronzer in them (A guide colour). This is for two reasons – firstly – your Spray Tan Technician can see where he/she is applying the tan, and secondly, it gives you an instant colour – so, you can walk away from your treatment feeling great and looking sun kissed . However, this is literally just a bronzer, and will wash off with your first shower the following day. It is a good indication of the colour your skin will be when the tan has fully developed.

The actual colour you get from a spray tan will not wash off, however, it will fade as the upper epidermis of your skin naturally wears away. Dependant upon your skin type, the solution used and the amount of  pre & post spray tan prep you do, your tan can last up to 10 days – and can be topped up of course regularly.

Important Do’s & Don’ts BEFORE having your Spray Tans for men Treatment

Before your Spray Tan – it is adviseable to have a small patch test done 24-48 hours prior to having your treatment. This is usually a small amount of the tanning solution applied to a discrete area of your skin. If no reaction occurs in this time – then perfect. It is very rare to get a reaction but it does occasionally happen.

As important as the spray tan itself. Good exfoliation with a rough flannel, loofah, shower scrunchy or body scrub for 2 days prior to your Spray Tan treatment is absolutely necessary to get a flawless result. Especially on dry areas like, knees, ankles, hands, feet etc. Exfoliation can continue for the two days up to 4 hours before your Spray Tan Treatment.

With an OIL FREE moisturiser after exfoliation. Your skin will then be in a perfect condition to have the Spray Tan. If you do not Exfoliate & moisturise it WILL affect the tan – it could cause your tan to look patchy and fade unevenly. Not a great look when you are strutting your stuff on the beach wearing your Mankini!

Do NOT Shave on the day of your Spray Tan Treatment – as the pores may be open, causing a “Freckle” effect after tanning.

Do NOT Wax any area 2 days prior to your Spray Tan Treatment (also, time your waxwings carefully – as Waxing WILL remove your Spray Tan)

Remove Contact Lenses during your Spray Tan Treatment

Do NOT wear any makeup, moisturiser, perfume, aftershave, deodorant or oil based products before your Spray Tan Treatment

If you want a shower, it must be at least ONE HOUR before Your Spray Tan Treatment to allow the skins PH to normalise. Remember to thoroughly rinse off any soap, shampoo, shower gel etc

DO wear dark, loose fitting clothes after your Spray Tan Treatment

DO wear dark coloured underwear/trunks etc. The tan solution will permanently stain lace, silk, satin & lycral.  You may want an all over (Naked) Tan.

Do  wear trainer socks instead of long socks immediately after your treatment – or better still – No socks at all.

Important Do’s & Don’ts – AFTER your Spray Tans for Men Treatment

Do Leave your tan on for at least 6 hours and overnight if possible before showering or taking a bath. This allows your tan to develop fully

DO Avoid wearing socks or shoes after your tanning treatment as sweating can inhibit the development of your tan. Sandals are a good choice.

Your first shower must be with water only – until the water runs clear – DO NOT use soaps etc

Do NOT apply moisturisers or deodorants until after you have showered.

DO NOT wear tight clothing for at least 6 hours.after your spray tan treatment

Avoid swimming, showering and vigorous exercise for at least 6 hours as this will inhibit the development of your tan.

Do Not shave until 12 hours after your tan treatment.

Do Not sit on light coloured fabrics/leather until you’ve showered or taken a bath as the colour guide could transfer onto it.

Avoid body contact until after your first shower, otherwise guide colour may transfer onto your partner!

Remember. When you take a shower or bath you will probably see some colour wash off. Don’t worry, this is normal it’s the colour guide from the spray tan application. 

Do’s & Dont’s To MAINTAIN the life of your Spray Tans for Men

DO Moisturise daily (use oil-free moisturiser).

DON’T have long hot baths and showers as these will speed up exfoliation, and therefore fade your tan

DO Pat your skin dry after a bath or shower. Rubbing your skin may rub off your tan.

DO Avoid swimming pools or sea water as these can reduce your tan quickly

DO use a fresh blade if you have to shave, to minimise the amount of strokes needed – Shaving removes dead skin cells, which in turn will fade/remove your Spray Tan

Contact your Spray Tans for Men Technician should you have any questions not covered or click HERE. 

Spray Tans for Men are effective – giving you that beautiful, healthy looking glow for any special occasion or to have generally all year round. Prepare your skin well, follow the advice of your Spray Tan Technician and you will enjoy a delightful glowing tan.

It is important to discuss the shade of tan that you want with your Spray Tan Technician before you have your treatment, as deciding to have a tan too dark for your natural skin tone can look unsightly and false! There are usualyl Light, Medium & Dark tan solutions available – and yourr technician will be happy to discuss all options with you.

ENJOY your spray tans for men treatment- and feel free to comment or ask any questions