• Nasal Hair Removal – Made easy

    Nasal Hair Removal – Made easy

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    The problem: Nasal hair removal brings most guys out in a sweat.  For years, men have been plucking those thick dark, ugly hairs that protrude from their noses. Fingers, tweezers, scissors are all used to get the little blighters with! Ouch.. boy does that make your eyes water. Then came ..Continue ReadingRead More »
  • Spray Tans For Men

    Spray Tans For Men

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     TJBodyRocks is now offering Spray Tans for Men We use Nouvatan solutions, which we believe give the best, natural looking colour .A little bit about the history of tanning….Back in the 50’s & 60’s – for those of us who can remember… The only tanning products we ever used were ..Continue ReadingRead More »
  • Modern Men “bare down there”

    Modern Men “bare down there”

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    A great revealing survey of the modern U.K man, and their views on body hair removal and trimmingRead More »
  • Massage – The benefits

    Massage – The benefits

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    Massage therapy means different things to different people, but overall it is a therapeutic approach to help improve an individual’s health and well being through the hands on manipulation of soft muscles and other soft tissues of the body. This hands on approach also brings about other “feel good” benefits ..Continue ReadingRead More »
  • Hair Removal Methods

    Hair Removal Methods

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    Male Body Hair Removal is today a desire that many men have, for a whole host of reasons to remove excess hair from their bodies. This desire often begins in adolescence and continues into our senior years. Whether it is hair on the face, armpits, legs, Genital area, or other ..Continue ReadingRead More »