Nasal Hair Removal – Made easy
The problem:

Nasal hair removal brings most guys out in a sweat.  For years, men have been plucking those thick dark, ugly hairs that protrude from their noses. Fingers, tweezers, scissors are all used to get the little blighters with! Ouch.. boy does that make your eyes water.

Then came the Nasal Hair Trimmers! Secretly bought by yourself or given unceremoniousely as a “gift”. The idea seems a good one, but, the results are often poor, and sometimes a little traumatic, in that they nip and can cause tiny little cuts. Often we are left with even tinier, but equally as prickly hairs that the trimmer didn’t manage to get.

The Solution:

Enter – Nasal Hair Removal by Waxing.  Sounds horrific, its gotta hurt…right?  Well, quite simply, the answer is NO, it doesn’t hurt.  Its quick, painless, effective, and great as a little add on treatment when you next have your general waxing session.  We are fairly confident that once you have had it done, it will become a regular event.

When we pull out our long dangly nasal hairs, it makes your eyes water, and is pretty uncomfortable.  Waxing just isn’t like that, in fact, it makes Nasal Hair Removal a doddle!

Its true, we need nasal hair to help filter pollutants from the air we breathe.  Thats why when waxing the inner nasal hair, we remove only the unsightly and annoying hairs that simply protrude from our nasal cavities!  The fine, important hairs further inside the nose stay put – as nature intended.

So… How do we do nasal hair removal?

Simple – using our regular Outback Organics Non Strip Wax, we ask you to lay your head back, so that we can see the work that needs to be done.  Then,

  • apply a little botanical oil to to the inside of your nose (This helps the process, in that the wax sticks to your hairs much more than to your skin).
  • holding the tip of your nose, we insert a little wax, that takes the shape of the lower nasal cavity.  Squeeze highly, so that the wax gets a good grip of the hairs.
  • allow 20 seconds or so for the wax to set up
  • with one, quick pull downwards, the wax is removed
  • repeat on the other side
  • apply a little outback organics Bush Balm to the waxed area

Most people ask to see the wax that has been removed from their nose – and are amazed by what they see.  Its like a little “hedgehog” – full of prickly hairs, all of which have come from your nose! Sounds gross – but is AMAZING.

My clients usually take a deep breathe, and say that they feel they can breath easier, and it feels refreshing. They ALWAYS also say that they were extremely nervous about having it done the first time, but how surprised they were at the amount of hair that has come out, and just how painless it is.

The majority of my clients ensure this is done every single time they come for their usual waxing, and simply build it into their regular waxing regime.

Go on.. You know you want to:

Try it the next time you have any waxing done – we think you will be amazed too. We use the best waxes and tecniques

It would be great to hear your views: Wether you are a Nasal Wax Virgin, or a serial Nasal Waxer, share it with us, and if you have any questions or comments at all, please just post them, and we will get right back to you.