TJBodyRocks is a private practice, operating from a private residence, in a suburb of Shipley (Baildon), West Yorkshire.

My clients like the fact that I am not a beauty salon on a busy high street. The only evidence that my residence is also my treatment centre is the sign beside my front door! As such, you are very welcome to park on my driveway or indeed in front of my home. The treatment room is on the upper level, out of the way, and has toilet facilities and also a small waiting area/shop where you can browse and purchase our products.

Having my treatment room at home allows me to offer a bespoke, personal, discrete and confidential  massage and male grooming service to my clients.

All treatments are carried out in my fully equipped, professional treatment room, which is always warm and comfortable, utilising the latest equipment and quality products for your treatments. Your comfort and confidentiality is very important to me, so, you can rest assured that your privacy and dignity will be respected and maintained at all times.


I am registered with the Government's Information Controllers Office, and bound by The Data Protection Act. I am also a fully qualified and insured therapist in all of the treatments that I offer, so you can rest assured that your treatments will be carried out professionally, confidentially and expertly by myself.

We provide a full range of treatments, for our male clients, making us your one stop shop for all of your massage, grooming and skincare needs.

Each appointment will allow adequate time to get comfortable before treatment commences and to ask any questions that you may have, as well as providing a short time afterwards to relax and get ready for your journey home, and you are welcome to take a bottle of chilled water with you.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to TJBodyRocks, and hope that you will soon become another of my happy & loyal clients.

About your therapist : Terry Quinn

Terry Quinn is the owner, manager and therapist of TJBodyRocks. He also has a successful online store (TJReiki), selling a wide range of fragrance solutions for your Home and Car, mens leather bracelets, greetings cards and other gift ideas.  You are able to browse and purchase our available products when you visit TJBodyRocks for your treatment if you wish.

Terry previously worked within the NHS for almost 20 years, as a Senior Manager, before deciding to run his own business. As his client base grew, so did the demand for other treatments. to the point where we became almost a one-stop treatment centre, providing a holistic approach to cater for the modern man.

Today Terry offers his clients a personalised, bespoke treatment plan, taking care of their entire massage, grooming and skincare needs. Men these days tend to take much more care of themselves, and take a pride in their appearance, enjoying the confidence that this brings.  Male grooming has become extremely popular and this trend continues to grow.  The way we look and feel about ourselves makes a huge difference to us personally, and also to how we are perceived by others. Keeping body hair in check, and having a daily skincare regime is no longer taboo, and is now mainstream amongst men.

Terry is passionate about his treatments and this shows in his work.  The products he works with are used because he personally believes in them, and knows the benefits that they  offer to the man who cares about himself.

Give TJBodyRocks a try - we are pretty confident that you will be pleased you did.