Swedish Full Body or Target Massage, Tailored To Your Requirements. Perfect to Relax & Unwind, as well as providing Therapeutic Relief of problematic areas.

Male Massage

Our Massages are Swedish in Nature.  A very Relaxing and Pampering Massage, designed to totally relax and eradicate many of the stresses that life today brings with it.

Whilst relaxing in nature, our massages can also be invigorating, and quite deep & penetrating if this is your preference or requirement. We tailor each massage around your needs on the day, making sure that you receive the benefits you most need and desire.  However, we do not perform the traditional Sports Massage at this moment in time, so, if it is a Sports massage you require, then possibly, this is not the massage for you?

There are many benefits to Swedish Massage, which is why its particularly popular! The benefits are for both Physical & Emotional wellbeing.   Physical benefits can undo knots in your muscles, help with pain within your body, increase blood circulation & deal with lymph Drainage & Toxin Dispersal. Emotionally, it can relax your mind and de-stress you, lightening your mood and easing fatigue.  A Swedish Body Massage can help greatly with helping you to have a better nights sleep too!

We use high quality oils, and again, make a choice of blend, dependant upon your needs. The oil enable the glide that is essential for your massage to be effective, and the essential oils within them ensure that you receive a massage that will work to relax your Mind, Body & Soul. Stresses and tension simply melt away.  The treatment room is warm, and the massage table has a heated blanket under it, to keep you toasty throughout.  The treatment room lights will be subdued, and there will be relaxing music playing softly in the background.  Essential Oil blends, or Candles will provide a stimulating background fragrance, to ensure the optimum ambience is created.

Each massage is as unique as the client we are treating.  The type, individual requirements and needs of the client are discussed at the consultation stage prior to your massage starting.

We offer a choice of Massage duration, and these can be seen below, and selected when making your reservation.

There are many benefits to massage, some of which we have listed for you - there are MANY more.

Benefits of massage

  • Relaxation
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Encourage the body to heal naturally
  • Help with Lymph drainage
  • Retain muscle tone
  • Aid digestion
  • Feeling of wellbeing

TJBodyRocks Massage Treatment Options

We currently offer four massage sessions:

Ideal for single problematic areas such as Back & Shoulder, or Legs etc (although a 60 minute duration can also be chosen for this)

Ideal when you want to unwind & treat the whole body

As with the 60 minute, but, with an extra 30minutes of indulgence & Hot Facial Towel to conclude the treatment

The perfect sublime & indulgent massage experience. Two full hours of Relaxation allowing your whole self to simply Relax, Unwind & Recharge

Treatment Advice

Before Treatment

  • Don't have a heavy meal before your massage, although a light snack is fine
  • Come refreshed & showered where at all possible - this makes it comfortable for Client & Therapist (Shower may be available for an additional £5 charge) You must request shower facilities at the time of making your booking).
  • Complete the consultation form given to you, and you will be offered a glass of chilled water, whilst we discuss your consultation, and answer/ address any questions or concerns you may have
  • Bring a pair of loose fitting shorts if you want to wear them during your massage
  • Come as stressed as you like....you won't be when you leave 🙂

During Treatment

  • Simply lay down on the heated massage table, let your mind wonder, and relax
  • Your massage will begin with your back and shoulders being manipulated, and will work around your body, Arms, Legs, Feet, Buttocks. Turn around and the process will continue around the rest of your body (Unless Target Massage selected).
  • Various massage strokes will be used throughout your treatment, and the pressure will be increased, decreased as required.
  • It is usual for your head to feel a little "full" whilst laid on your front - Tis is in part, due to all of the lymph fluid being moved around your body.  This full feeling eases when you turn over, and the massage continues
  • Your mind and body will relax and unwind, worries and stresses melt away
  • For Executive & Bliss Massage your session will finish with a hot towel infused therapeutic essential oils placed over your face, and gently massaged, followed by a short scalp massage
  • Once your massage is complete, you will be left alone to chill for a few moments and to dress.

After Treatment

  • You will be brought a glass of chilled water to drink and offered a bottle to take with you for your journey home
  • Be sure to sip plenty of water over the next 24 hours, as otherwise you may get a de-hydration headache
  • ideally, do the least amount possible after your massage for the remainder of the day/evening - simply relax and enjoy the "afterglow"
  • If you don't mind the feeling, allow the very light film of massage oil to remain on the skin for the night, as this will continue to penetrate and nourish the skin
  • Have a safe Journey home & Sleep well!