Male Hair Removal : Shaving or Clipping Male Hair Removal to suit all preferences

Male body hair removal techniques


Keeping body hair in check goes a long way in maintaining your masculine appearance.

Here at TJBodyRocks, we offer a Full Body Clipping and Shaving service for guys

Body Hair Clipping Service

If you don't want the totally smooth appearance, then our clipping service is for you.  We can keep your body hair in check by clipping to any length you like.

Clipping the hair will keep it looking smart and tidy.  We gan grade down your body hair to ensure it all looks slick and give you the well groomed look that you desire. We will discuss what length to clip your body hair to at the start of your appointment.  Its often best to take off less first, as we can always go a grade lower if you want.

Body Hair Shaving Service

If you prefer the smooth skin look, we can take the hair down to skin level using a body groom tool.  This will give your body a  smooth appearance.  However, if you want the hair even smoother, then we may need to wet shave the area. Please bear in mind, that shaving your body hair will not give a lasting smooth result, as the hair will quite quickly begin to grow again.