Male Hair Removal : Waxing, Shaving, Clipping Male Hair Removal to suit all preferences

Male Hair Removal

At TJBodyRocks, we understand that everyone is different ...

outback-logoSome men prefer a totally smooth body,others prefer to have some areas smooth, whilst retaining hair on other areas. We offer a bespoke system of hair removal to suit all preferences.

We only use the very best High Quality Professional Waxes and AfterCare Products. Both Strip & Non Strip waxes are used, dependant upon the area to be waxed from the Outback Organics range.  Many waxes are available on the market today, only a few meet the high standards of Outback Organics.

Male waxing techniques


TJBodyRocks provides waxing treatments for men. Including, male intimate waxing – popularly referred to as Bac, Sac & Crac or Brazillian waxing.

In order to provide Professional, Competent & Effective intimate waxing additional certified training is required (quite rightly so ). TJBodyRocks undertook the acclaimed AXIOM intimate wax training, and uses the best waxes in the business (Outback Organics).

Waxing for men is extremely popular, and men of all ages and backgrounds opt for this method of hair removal. The vast majority of men having waxing treatments for the first time say that it “wasn’t as bad as they imagined – or led to believe”.

Dependent upon the area being treated, Strip Wax, Non-Strip Wax, or a combination of both are used.


Don’t fancy waxing? That’s ok – it isn’t for everyone If you like your body Hair but don’t like the overgrown untidy appearance then shaving/clipping is for you!

Here at TJBodyRocks, we offer a clippering / shaving service for guys that either don’t want to be waxed, OR simply don’t like the smooth appearance.

If you would like the smooth appearance, BUT don’t want to be waxed, then, using a body shaver, or occasionally wet shaving, we can take the hair down to skin level. Whilst it will not offer you the exact same smoothness as waxing, and the hair will soon be showing through again, it does give the appearance of smoothness.


if you like to have hair on your body – but want it neat & Tidy? We offer a clippering service that will remove the untidy, overgrown appearance often associated with body hair. This will give the hair a neat & presentable appearance, and can be graded down to your own preference.

Treatment Advice

Before Treatment
  • DO NOT trim the area to be waxed – if it needs trimming at all, we will do it prior to the treatment starting...If you trim it too short, the wax will not grip the hair
  • Ensure that all areas to be waxed are thoroughly, but gently exfoliated the evening before , or morning prior to your waxing treatment. Exfoliating allows any hair tucked under dead skin cells to be lifted, and easier to remove. The less dead skin cells are, the better – which in turn leads to a much more comfortable treatment
  • Moisturise the skin the evening before, or morning of your treatment – this will ensure the skin is hydrated
  • Ensure that you take with you a change of clean clothes to go home in after your treatment (nothing skin tight)
  • If this is your first treatment, your therapist wil explain the treatment and answer any questions you may have, alongside completing a short consultation, to eliminate any contra indications
During Treatment
  • If the hair to be waxed is too long – we will trim it for you
  • The skin will be cleansed with a refreshing gel or lotion
  • A small amount of botanical oil will be applied to the treatment area – this acts as a barrier between the wax and the skin – ensuring a more comfortable experience
  • The appropriate wax to be used for the treatment are will be applied (Warm or Hot Wax/Strip or Non Strip), in the direction of your hair growth, and removed against the growth
  • Once the area to be treated has been waxed, a cooling & refreshing lotion or spray will be applied to the skin
After Treatment
  • The following cannot be stressed enough – it is imperative that you follow these simple aftercare instructions, in order to get the best possible results from your treatment
  • Put on fresh clean clothes you brought to your treatment session
  • The treated area(s) should be kept clean, and avoid heat and friction for the following 24-48 hours – This means:
    *No hot baths or showers (cool or lukewarm is perfectly fine)
    *No Sauna’s or Jacuzzis
    *No tanning, including sunbathing, sunbeds or spray/fake tans)
    *No Sport, Running or Other Vigorous exercise – including skin to skin contact
    *No swimming
    *Avoid touching or scrathing the treated area(s)
    *Wear clean, loose fitting clothingThe following sounds onerous, but it really isn’t, and takes only a couple of minutes every day – following these guidelines, will make all the difference to this and future treatments
  • Apply the recommended products, to cool and calm the treated skin.  All products are available to purchase from us at the time of your treatment. For Legs, Arms, Chest & Back, use the Post Wax Spray  twice daily for 5 days.  For sensitive areas, such as the Face, Underarms & Intimate Areas, use a small amount of Bush Balm 2-3 times a day until all redness and soreness has disappeared.
  • Shower Daily, using Tea Tree Skin Wash and finally apply Hand & Body Lotion to help prevent skin irritation & dryness.
  • On day 3 after treatment, exfoliate the treated areas gently with either the Face & Body Scrub  or an exfoliating mitt and then 2-3 times a week thereafter. This will minimize the possibility of ingrown hairs – this keeps the skin supple, and als0 the hairs to grow through easily.
  • IF you do find any ingrown hairs, despite following the above guidelines, we have a specific In Grown Hair Treatment