Hopi Ear Candles (Thermal Auricular Therapy) A non invasive treatment that is believed to Calm The Mind and Soothe The Head and Ears

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candles are a non invasive treatment that is believed to Calm The Mind and Soothe The Head and Ears. They have a purely physical function beneficial in treating conditions such as Sinusitis, Ear Nose & Throat congestion, Headaches and Tinnitus. They are also an ideal relaxation treatment to help alleviate stress or anxiety related symptoms. Also ideal to have done prior to flying long haul, as can help with the “Ear Popping” discomfort.

TJBodyRocks uses only the very best quality BIOSUN Ear Candles for their treatments.

This treatment is carried out with the client remaining fully clothed. You will be made comfortable on the treatment couch, and asked to lie on your side. Your therapist will sit beside you and light one of the special candles. The non burning end is placed very gently into your outer ear passage. You will soon begin to hear a pleasant crackling and light hiss from the flame at the other end. You will also feel a gentle heat. Before the flame gets anywhere near to your head, the candle is removed and extinguished. After a few moments, the process will be repeated with you laying on your other side, so that your other ear can be treated.

When both ears have been done, the outer ear will be gently cleaned, and a light soothing facial massage given to complete the treatment.

Throughout the treatment, you will be kept warm and comfortable, and there will be soothing music playing in the background to aid complete relaxation.